busy evening

We have a mass user rename at work tonight, so I’m here late. While I’m killing time, I’m taking pictures and finishing the review writeup for the Tadpole Talin notebook I’ve had on review loan for the past three months. I’ll get the review posted on SunHELP over the weekend, and get this machine (which costs almost as much as an entire paycheck) headed back to them on Monday. Yes, it is an x86 laptop – but it runs Sun’s Java Desktop System linux distribution. After I return it, they’ll be sending me one of their new SPARC-based portable systems for another review.

Today looked like it was going to be hot, but when I headed home for a late lunch around 2pm, we had light drizzle. By the time I crossed the river on MoPac, it was a torrential downpour. I headed back to work after 3, and it was bright, sunny, and MoPac was completely dry. That’s Texas weather for you.

Still trying to sell my Silvertone bass guitar. If I don’t sell it, maybe I can take it to South Austin Music and trade it in for a case of strings or something.

I’ve been having “purge and minimalize” urges lately. When November (and “having no debt other than the house payment”) rolls around, I think I’m going to replace my home servers with Nanode boxes. The more I look at the mini-ITX and nano-ITX form factors, the more I like them. If Apple would could out with a “headless iMac” form factor machine, I’d buy one in a heartbeat instead of a G5 tower this fall. I got rid of the Cube (and bought my current dual 867Mhz tower) a year and a half ago because I had a need for multiple hard drives and peripherals – but those needs are gone now.

I need to take a day off next week to decompress and relax. I’ve been the only “IT guy” here at the office this week, supporting 65 other people. My coworker is on vacation in Florida, and gets back this weekend. At least this time I haven’t spent half the week with blindingly-painful migraines due to stress.

Oh yeah, I finally unsubscribed from Dave Winer‘s RSS feed. His fifteen minutes of trying to claim fame for work someone else did is over, and I haven’t seen anything interesting come out of his weblog in months. It seems to me like he just likes to fly around and hobknob with people who are actually getting things done in the “blogsphere”.