help me im melting

We hit a (so far) high of 97 yesterday. Right now, its 88F outside at 9PM.

It got so hot today in my parked truck (2001 Kia Sportage, black, non-tinted windows) that the plastic plate with the “gear diagram” on top of my stick-shift knob melted loose and fell in the floorboard. This is particuarly amazing because this time last year, it did the same thing, so I superglued it in place. It has gotten hot enough to melt superglue that has sat and hardened for a year. I think I’ll just find an entire replacement shifter knob.

2 thoughts on “help me im melting

  1. Tinting isn’t that expensive, ya know…I think I paid about $150 for the 5 windows in my wife’s Mustang. Also, you should try that whole acclimating thing. Spend some time outdoors every day and you get used to the temps. I walked into the house this afternoon after driving home, in my air-conditioning free car, and thought the 81 degrees in the house was quite pleasant. 🙂 Actually, I wasn’t uncomfortable driving home in the sun either. My wife was outside mowing the lawn at 4:30 with no ill effects. But I guess we’re the exception rather than the rule. We also save a lot on electricity costs.

  2. Yeah, it will cost me around $125 to tint the truck, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I freely admit I’m spoiled by modern conveniences like air conditioning; I cant stand it if the house goes above 72F. Too many years in a data center and not outdoors.

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