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Yesterday I finished reading “Callahan’s Con” by Spider Robinson. Great book, although I didn’t like it as good as the previous one (“Callahan’s Key”). I’m currently reading “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers”. Yes, it’s a strange book to pick up, but it has some VERY interesting reading.

Bought two more plastic CD storage boxes with sleeves tonight, and moved everything into smaller containers than the 280-count huge CD binder I had all of my movies and music in before. It was just too big to easily pull down and go through when I was looking for something.

Moved our next-to-last server running Sendmail over to Postfix at work on Friday. It’s running great now, and sometime in the next couple of weeks we’ll be moving our last Sendmail-based mail server over as well. Having configuration files in plain English is nice, and the flexibility and speed are just added bonuses.

Bought a Gretsch short-scale four-string electric bass today. Anybody want to buy a Silvertone 4-string bass for $75? It’s been played for a total of maybe three hours, and I’ll throw in a package of GHS Boomers strings. I just much prefer the short-scale bass, as its closer to what I’m used to when playing guitar.

Got my “modded” XBox back on Thursday, and loaded EvolutionX on it along with the XBox Media Player. Now I just need to make a 30-foot Ethernet cable so I can connect it to my local network and stream movies off of the Mac.

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  1. My modded XBox has become my defacto movie viewer. DVDs, VCDs, divXs, you name it. We spend more time watching movies on it than playing video games, much to my chagrin.

    Maybe I need to get another one for the upstairs :).

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