suck it up

Yesterday, I bought Amy a new Dyson DC07 “Animal” vacuum cleaner.

Our existing Fantom Lightning wore out after only three years, and Fantom is now out of business. Apparently they were selling a licensed (and inferior) version of Dyson’s “cyclone” bagless vac technology, and after they closed shop, Dyson started selling his products here in the States.

We used the Fantom on our computer-room rug four days ago. Yesterday, we used the Dyson on it as a test. We ended up with about three cups of dust/dirt/fuzz that the Fantom hadn’t touched.

I like the fact that the entire thing can be broken down into small parts (and therefore, easily cleaned of any jams or blockages) without any tools. It’s also a nice purple color, like a vacuum an anime character would use. We got a great price on it here in town at ABC Vacuum.

4 thoughts on “suck it up

  1. It looks like a transformer to me. Actually, my wife and I are somewhat in the market for a good vacuum — I was wondering what led you to choosing that particular model. Did you research it much or do you just like things that are purple? It’s on the pricier side, but I guess if it does the job…

  2. We did some research and then went down to our local vacuum shop to see and test it out in person.

    It’s a great vaccum. Wonderful vacuum. Can’t say enough how pleased I’ve been using it…

  3. Yeah, our Fantom was a rip. It leaks dust and now it will be difficult to get parts. So we’re debating about which new vacuum cleaner to get. I guess duct tape is the answer for now. Good ole’ duct tape.

  4. Brian, I research any purchase like this extensively. Fantom used to be top-of-the-market for bagless vacs, but now they’re out of business and we’re not too impressed with the durability of their products. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Dyson, and we’ve really liked the vac so far and it does a good job.

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