just another manic monday

Dropped off my XBox to have it modded (TSOP flash) tonight, so I can do nifty non-Microsoft-approved things with it.

Attention cashiers/store clerks/etc: If I want your opinion on what I’m purchasing, I’ll ask for it or bring it up in conversation. Also, if I ask you if you have a particular electronic item, just say “no, sorry, we’re out” instead of “oh, I dont know, I saw one around here somewhere” and then following me around the electronics department trying to talk about video games, while I drop very obvious hints that I Just Want To Be Left Alone. If I wanted conversation, I wouldn’t be shopping at Wal-Mart at two in the morning.

Summer has finally hit Texas. Its time to either get the Kia’s windows tinted, get the AC fixed, or both.