Furiously Pedaling In Reverse

Six Apart have relaxed the licensing terms for Movable Type a bit after the backlash over MT 3.0D’s release. However, while they’ve made it cheaper to have multiple authors and weblogs, they’ve not changed the pricing scheme; it would still cost me at least $150 to host everything I’m doing on MT. I think that this has woken up many people who had been using MT2.661 and made them actually read the license and terms of usage – now that they realize that they *should* be paying for MT, they’ll be looking for an alternative weblogging system.

For me, it’s not entirely all about the money. I could easily afford $150. The fact is, WordPress has gotten me spoiled. Three sites took me less than five minutes total to upgrade to WP 1.2-RC1 from 1.2-Delta last night. WordPress is a hundred times faster, with no rebuilds to see the effect of site changes.

Alpha/Beta testers have been promised a “significant discount on Movable Type 3.0”, but a lot of people (myself included) have already “seen the light”, moved on to another “personal publishing platform”, and aren’t willing to move back.

Edit: Shelley Powers has an excellent interpretation of the revised license terms along with some commentary.

Ray Stevens said it best:

It was too late…She’d already been mooned