Six Apart shoots themselves in the foot

Looking at the news this morning, I moved away from MovableType just in time.

Six Apart has switched to a for-pay business model, crippling features in the freely-downloadable version. The cheapest license (for up to 5 weblogs with 3 authors) is $69.95 – even after the $50 of donations I made, that would still cost me an additional $20. To use MT for my “Help” sites would cost me an additional $150.

Ben and Mena seem to think that the Underpants Gnomes business model works:

1. Take forever to release a new version, and when you do, not have any major new features
2. Charge your users for software that used to be free
3. . . . .
4. Profit!

Matt has no plans to charge for WordPress, which is licensed under the GPL.

11 thoughts on “Six Apart shoots themselves in the foot

  1. While I am a casual user of MT and still qualify for the free version 3.0, I perfectly understand the rage about the new licensing structure. Be informed, that 6A addressed the complaints, clarified things and changed the pricing!!

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