3 thoughts on “its done, stick a fork in it

  1. Yeah – saw that. I’m actually involved in the MT3 alpha (and now beta), and I’m just not seeing enough innovation or new features to make it worth continuing to plod along with their slow Perl-based system. As I said in my other post, it *shouldnt* be as slow as it is on a 6x336Mhz Enterprise-class UltraSPARC machine with 3 gig of RAM.

    I also like WordPress’ built-in link management system. I hated having to manually edit templates and then rebuild every time I wanted to add a link to someone’s page. I know there are services like blogroll, but I prefer to keep as much as possible locally so that my page isnt disrupted by someone else’s machine being down.

    WP is “static enough” for me; I can directly edit the pages/templates without having to rebuild at each step. This speeds up design/migration/development immensely.

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