thats it.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been playing with WordPress. Now that the 1.2 Beta is out, I’ve made up my mind – in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be migrating my weblog, then SunHELP and CiscoHELP over to WordPress, and possibly resurrecting as well.

Why, you ask? First off, I donated money to MT, and am, frankly, dissapointed with the lack of new features or improvements in MT 3.0. Then, there’s the issue of the Commercial License issue. SunHELP isn’t run as a for-profit business, but any day, the people at MT could say “that’s commercial use, stop using our product or pay $150”. Meanwhile, WordPress is licensed under the GPL. That means that I can use it for whatever I want, with no worries of $150 license fees.

There appears to be a nice Support Forum, as well as one thing that MT really lacks – ongoing development notes. WordPress’ main developer even noticed that I’d made an entry about it, and left a comment – so he obviously watches trackbacks to the site. Hi, Matt!

I’ve actually been involved in the MT3 alpha/beta program up till now, but may completely drop out of it in the near future. The folks at MovableType have obviously “moved on” to concentrate on TypePad, their commercial offering.