busy day

Got my Scheme book (“The Schemer’s Guide”) in today, wow, that was quick. I also received a box of nine “random various bags, 3/$10” that I’d ordered from YakPak a few days ago. Unfortunately, none of them were what I’d call “messenger bags”, but I’ve got a few Levis-brand denim purses and such if anybody in Austin wants one for free…

Took tomorrow (Friday) off as a personal day, it’s payday and Amy is getting her hair done and I’m getting new tires put on my truck.

Picked up John Varley’s latest paperback, “Red Thunder” tonight from Borders. Its a great book. Varley’s “Steel Beach” was the only paperback novel I read during my first semester of college almost ten years ago, and I read “Golden Globe” a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Glad to see that he’s still putting stuff out. I’m very anxiously awaiting John Ringo’s followup to “There Will Be Dragons” called “Emerald Sea”, due out later this summer.