latest happenings

I won the lottery. Well, actually it was only $5, but hey, that’s a $3 profit! Overall, I’m about -$15 on the Texas Lotto so far in the past couple of months.

Bought a pair of Intel Pro 10/100 PCI ethernet cards today at Goodwill Computerworks (the last two in their big-bin-of-$5-cards) so I can add a pair of interfaces to my FrankenPIX.

Ordered a book on Scheme, as I’m tired of things like Perl, and LISP looks really interesting.

Finally got my truck reinspected and fully legal, only a year after its initial inspection (a 2001 model year) expired.

Sold my old Dell monitor to a friend and shipped it to Tuscon today, and sold my extra 19″ Trinitron monitor to a consulting client who needed a monitor for their Ultra 60.

We finally sold the scooter to a friend who will be restoring it over the next few months.

I spent last Saturday from 9am-5pm doing a migration of three terabytes of data from a NetApp F760 to a new F940. Everything went fairly smoothly. Had a few permissions problems when everyone showed back up for work on Monday, but nothing that wasn’t ironed out by the end of the day.