2 thoughts on “what if…

  1. Your first statement has been said about every president I can remember. Clinton will postpone the election for this. Bush the First for that. *Sigh* It gets old. It won’t and can’t happen.

    As for the war. It was about WMDs, right? Bush wanted a reason to go to war and made them up. Well, a lot of others in the know believed Saddam had WMDs also. Please see this site and get back to me about that. Especially read the last dozen or so from late 2002/early 2003. Saying that those folks didn’t have the same info the prez did is also bogus. Many of the quotes are from Clinton and his cabinet.

    No, I’m not a Bush supporter, or a Democrat, but I’d like people to have all the info before they bash someone because they were told by the media he’s a bad guy.

  2. I think what irritated me most was when Bush said that he didn’t read the news because he paid people to report it to him instead. Talk about problem #1…

    WMD’s, no WMD’s..doesn’t matter. People are still dying left and right. Terrorism still exists and will always exist. And to top it all off we have managed to elect a talking monkey, a religious zealot, and a backdoor man in the head offices of our government. 😛

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