Ole’ Mole!

I’ve lived in Texas for almost eight years now, and I’ve never had a tex-mex dish that had mole sauce in it. Mostly, this was due to the description (“eww, chocolate and peppers? that sounds disgusting!”) and Amy’s description of what was, apparently, a VERY badly done mole dish she had in the northeast a few years ago.

We went to El Mercado on Burnet (she was craving Tex-Mex). I felt adventurous, so I ordered the mole enchiladas (shredded chicken, with mole sauce and white cheese on top). They were AMAZING – since its not a milk chocolate, or a sweet chocolate, its an interesting taste. Almost like a sweet “red bean” sauce/paste from asian cooking. I really liked it, and will probably order the normal mole plate the next time we go back.