Rainy Day Activities

(from Saturday, March 13th)

Got up around 1 today. My direct-deposit paycheck (along with a decent-sized performance bonus) hit the bank, so the first thing we did was make the house payment, truck payment, and then completely paid off four credit cards.

Then, equipped with about $200 each of “toy money”, we went out. Our first stop was Heart of Texas Music, where we picked up Amy’s new Sennheiser HD600 headphones. I was going to look around, but a guy was (badly) trying to imitate Santana on a Strat in the corner, so we went down the road to MusicMakers, where I picked up a handfull of Dunlop Tortex picks (.88mm in green and gold/black, 1mm in blue, and .73mm yellow). I’ve used the green .88s since high school, but I think I’ll switch to the “black gold” version now.

While I was there, I also impulse-purchased a purple Smokey Amp for just fiddling around and practicing in front of the computer (when the Marshall amp is impractical).

We headed to my office for a short bit, where I met up with a coworker and we rebooted the NetApp filer and Amy listened to music on her new headphones.

Then it was to Luby’s for lunch, Lowe’s for plants for Amy, and then I went to Discount Electronics to pick up a 288-CD storage binder in order to consolidate four 48-disc folders that are almost full of system software, backups, MP3s, and movies.