play that funky music white boy

Heart of Texas Music called me on Wednesday. My Les Paul Special II, in Wine Red with all-black hardware, had arrived! I was surprised considering that they’d told me it would take two months when I ordered it last week. They gave it to their guitar tech for a proper setup job, and I picked it up that afternoon.

You can find pictures here.

I was amazed when I saw the guitar in person. From the factory promo shots, I’d thought it would come with a solid “candy apple red” finish. Instead, its a deep dark true “wine red” color, semi-translucent so you can see the woodgrain of the mahogany beneath it. The finish is so pretty I want to proverbially “rub it down with a diaper”.

Once I bought it home, I realized that I only have one guitar stand, and that the Les Paul Junior wouldn’t get played much. So, it now has a new home at Casa de Prentiss, whom I finally met in person tonight.

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