been a long time since i rock n’ rolled

Picked up the LP Jr. from Heart of Texas Music today, its absolutely amazing after a proper setup job.

Ordered, with a two-month lead time, a Epiphone Les Paul Special II.

Basically it’s the two-pickup version of what I’ve got now, in “Wine Red” with all-black hardware.

One thought on “been a long time since i rock n’ rolled

  1. Beautiful guitar! Congratulations.

    I’ve been thinking about getting something basic to fool around on myself. It would be my first electric in 20 years, after selling the one I bought in high school. Strictly for living-room playing unless one of my daughters takes it up. Can you think of a reason I shouldn’t buy the first $150 cheapo I run into? Any ultra-low-end models to recommend?

    Hmm. Another option would be to trade in a decent bass I bought new from Heart of Texas a few years back and put myself in the hands of their capable salespeople for whatever the trade-in would net me in a used guitar. Would that be advisable or would that be like trading the cow for some magic beans?

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