more idiocy

Now this is absolutely ridiculous:

“In San Francisco it is license for marriage of same sex. Maybe the next thing is another city that hands out licenses for assault weapons and someone else hands out licenses for selling drugs, I mean you can’t do that,” Schwarzenegger said on NBC.

Just what we need – an actor/bodybuilder telling people how to live their private lives, and then comparing a union between two people to using an assault weapon for a crime, or selling illegal drugs. Wait, that’s not all:

The Republican governor said anyone who has been a U.S. citizen for at least 20 years as he has should “absolutely” be able to seek the presidency. A constitutional amendment proposed by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, would make that possible.

Great, just great. Doesn’t anybody remember what happened the last time an actor was governor of California and then President? I admire Arnold for his bodybuilding, and for some of his acting – but his politics so far, suck.

By the way, Arnold, I’m going to expand my gun collection in September.

2 thoughts on “more idiocy

  1. License for an ‘assault weapon’? Why would someone hand out one of those? We here in the Free States don’t have such draconian laws. I love being able to walk down to the local gun shop, drop some cash, and walk out

  2. I think he was only making the comparison regarding the fact that San Francisco may have handed out marriages licenses but that doesn’t necessarily make the marriages legal.

    It seems he was taking it one step further and comparing it to any other city deciding on its own to issue other licenses when they don’t have the right to.

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