feeling good about humanity

I’m a firm believer that two people that love each other, no matter their age, race, sexual orientation, whatever, should be able to be married and live as a couple, both in their eyes and the eyes of the law.

“Flowers for Al and Don” made me feel good about humanity again. A group of people are collecting money to have flowers delivered (at random) to people waiting in line to get married at the San Francisco City Hall.

I worry that if they start (or continue) to ban/deny homosexual marriages, what’s next? Will they start going after couples who can’t conceive children too? What bits you have down below and what you do with them doesn’t matter, its what you do with the stuff in your head that does.

2 thoughts on “feeling good about humanity

  1. Hey, I support anyone in their right to be with whomever they choose. This is an issue that could potentially affect EVERYONE.

    Politicians should really get over their “OH MY GOD THE DYKES AND THE FAGS ARE FUCKING IN THE STREETS, SOMEONE PROTECT THE CHILDREN” phobias and concentrate on things that are more important.

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