5 thoughts on “Jerker, Part II

  1. You are my new hero.. after a fruitless week
    of trying to track down assembly instructions
    for the jerker, I stumbled upon your site on
    Saturday. Many thanks.

  2. the web is a wonderful thing. i also needed the instructions to the jerker desk and wahlah!! Thanks. I can now bet my daugter’s desk assembled. much thks

  3. thank you for putting up a permanent link for this. I have been searching for what seems like forever for these instructions! IKEA should send you a gift card or something for being so helpful, seriously. Why don’t they have the pdf files easily accessible through their site? Thank You so much for making this available – I was about to go insane… 🙂

  4. Thanks from another greatful person who lost her own instructions… This makes my moving day a lot easier. I second the motion to send you an ikea gift card!

  5. Oh my gosh!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU….I’ve been searching for forever for the instructions after i bought my desk used with missing manual. you are a life saver… i mean, you just saved a girl from going around in circles contacting ikea and their loopty loop circle of agents who’d probably direct me all over the place in a chaotic frenzy or the possibility of waiting several days to get the manual…..(i speak from experience.)
    thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing this info.

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