frankenpix lives!

My quest to build a FrankenPIX is going well. I was able to score a 16M Cisco ISA flash card, got an Intel SE440BX-2 motherboard off eBay, and have a bid in on a 5-pack of the necessary Intel 10/100 network cards. Now I just need to dig up an ATX power supply and an appropriate ATX case.

2 thoughts on “frankenpix lives!

  1. Looks like you’re about 18 months ahead of me on the PIX misson. That’s OK, I escaped Texas years ago. I just signed for a 16M Flash card that I bought off of eBay. The rest of the gear should be arriving shortly.

    Funny thing is, the flash card doesn’t look that impressive. I know it is some type of ISA flash card device, but I don’t know it’s supposed to look like. Would you happen to have a picture of said flash card? In theory, mine’s got 6.3(4) and PDM 3.0(2) loaded on it, but I won’t know until the mobo arrives.

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