a little disconcerting

From the cardboard packaging on a garden hose I bought at Lowes today:

Not for use with hot water.
WARNING: This product contains lead, a
chemical known to the State of California to
cause cancer and birth defects or other
reproductive harm. Do not place your hands in
your mouth after handling product. Do not place
the product in your mouth. Wash your hands
after touching this product.

Wow, that’s something I really want to use to fill my dog’s water bucket or water the grass in my front yard with…

2 thoughts on “a little disconcerting

  1. My dad worked for a hose plant when I was a kid. They used lead molds in the process of making the hose. The molds were single-use: they’d be melted down and re-formed after each batch of hose. The process apparently put some lead in the hose and some more lead into the air; there was a story about having to buy up a neighboring rancher’s cattle after they showed signs of lead poisoning.

    Warning or none, I wouldn’t drink from a garden hose on a regular basis.

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