an evening adventure

Got home tonight around 6:30. Fed the cats. Went to feed the dog.

No dog.

Someone had opened the fence and let him out! I proceeded to drive around looking for him, and finally gave up around 11pm and went to Kinkos to print up some LOST DOG signs. As I was putting up a LOST DOG flyer at the intersection of Metric and Rutland, on the other side of the pole was a FOUND DOG sign!

Someone had found him around 6pm, and gone around putting up flyers. I called the number on the flyer. Sure enough, the guy had found Max. I drove over to a corner store near him, met him there, and then went back to his house. It was Max!!!

I chatted with the guy and his wife for a while; both are awesome “dog people”. Finally loaded Max up in the truck, and got him home, fed, watered, and put in the garage at midnight. Tomorrow I have to give him a bath, because he stinks like wet dog and poo.

Six hours of dog-finding frenzy. Now I can finally sit down and re-heat my microwave burritos and drink my Diet Coke with Lime, which sounded nasty at first but is actually a Tasty Beverage.