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A couple weeks ago, i sent this email in to OLP:

I bought a MM1 (“trans purple”) at Guitar Center in November, and have noticed a difference between what I own and what is shown on your web site. The head of my guitar resembles the one in this picture: However, in this picture, there appears to be a metal “string guide” between the end of the neck and the tuning pegs (look right below the tuning peg for the low E string): Was there a design change? If so, do I have a current or an older model?

Today, I got this response:

Hi Bill,
Man, you have a good eye for detail! Believe it or not, we never noticed the web site pic had a string guide on it. The photographer must have picked up on of the 1st production samples (which he shouldn’t have) and took pics of it. OLP’s do not have string guides. Thanks for the heads-up on the web pic. We’ll be changing that soon. Send me your address and I’ll send you some OLP and BC Rich stuff for helping us out.
Tim Keyes
Customer Service/Warranty Claims
B.C.Rich Guitars / OLP Guitars

I love free stuff!