How I spent my weekend..

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Four of us replaced two large Cisco switches, upgraded all network ports to be power-over-ethernet capable, re-cabled about 350 ports, reworked the logical network configuration, and prepped for a move to VoIP / IP Telephony next Wednesday evening. 9am-8:30pm Saturday, 9am-7:30pm Sunday.

I’ve got full-size pictures here.

One thought on “How I spent my weekend..

  1. Ah, a well organized network patch panel is a thing of beauty. You can tell in our lab which patch panel I administer. It’s the one with the nicely laid out and wrapped cables. Not the spaghetti that are all the other groups’. Ask me what’s plugged into any port and I can tell you within 2 seconds where the other end goes.

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