amazing electrical short


“The video clip shows a three phase air disconnect switch opening line reactors (the large object that looks like a huge transformer at the far right at the end of the clip) in a 500 kV substation near Los Angeles, California. The utility was having a difficulty cleanly disconnecting the reactors and had set up a special test to help isolate the problem. A set of SF6 gas puffer interrupters, to the right of the air break switch, try to open first. However, as can be seen at the start of the clip, one phase flashes over the outer bushing of one of the interrupters, causing one of the phases of the air break switch to open “hot”, and it begins arcing. The resulting hot arc grows and rises until it easily exceeds 50 feet. Finally, an upstream Oil Circuit Breaker (OCB) is commanded to open, abruptly extinguishing the arc”