Stupid things I’ve seen

Stupid things I’ve seen lately:

Stoners trying to haggle prices at the corner store, and little kids *talking* about what they were going to steal, while less than ten feet from the clerk at the counter.

A guy at Borders asking if they price-match, because “your prices here are twice as much as I can get them for somewhere else”. Well, go shop elsewhere, then!

People in a densely-populated area shooting off firearms to celebrate the new year, as well as roman candles and bottle rockets.

What an interesting town I live in.

2 thoughts on “Stupid things I’ve seen

  1. For the guns I just return fire. 🙂

    As for the bottle rockets, mortars, and roman candles, they’re legal where I live so I shoot ’em off to my heart’s content. Don’t knock the joy of blowing shit up. 🙂

  2. I dont mind blowing stuff up, in fact I enjoy it – but when they’re shooting them off over my house…

    Too bad I don’t have a .50 Barrett, I could start remotely turning off their christmas lights with a vengeance. 😎

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