useful experience

Well, I can now “field strip” the glock in less than ten seconds, and put it back together in another ten. I could probably do it with my eyes closed at this point. Need to get another magazine and a better storage case (the case I have it in is actually the “Tupperware” case for a Glock 26).

One nice thing about guns is that parts for them are so *CHEAP* once you’ve bought the gun itself. I may get a replacement guide rod and recoil spring, basically a metal replacement for the factory part, at a grand total of $25. I’ll make decisions on all of this once I’m actually able to go and put a box of fifty rounds through the pistol, as I’ve not actively shot a “real” firearm in twelve or thirteen years.

Got a box from Amazon yesterday – someone who I’d helped get BIND9 and Apache with virtual hosts running (after they emailed me at sent me I’m Just Here For The Food by Alton Brown, and another book about the history of the Oxford English Dictionary (“The History of Everything”).