cold steel

I got the Cold Steel knife catalog in the mail today, along with their demonstration DVD. Impressive stuff – I’ve now got knife envy. I think I may be adding a “normal” folding knife from them to my “pocket inventory” along with the Leatherman Pulse I carry now.

One thought on “cold steel

  1. I have carried the same Spyderco ‘Police Model’ for going on ten years now. It packs a 4″ blade and is thinner than other other folding of it’s size I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know it’s there. All my jeans have wear marks from where it rides. One-handed operation is it’s best quality. Along with that I always carry a Leatherman Juice CS4 in a front pocket. With those two tools you need nothing else.

    Ok, those and the Kimber strapped to my hip. 😉

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