2004 black friday sales

(note: this is about Black Friday 2004)

Got up at 7:30 this morning, and all of our normal breakfast places were closed, or too far away (Round Rock). Ended up going to Waterloo on Burnet. Excellent biscuits and gravy.

Around 8:30, drove up to our normal pool supplies place, but they were closed. CompUSA and Best Buy had apparently opened at 6am for the “Black Friday” day-after-thanksgiving sales. Ended up going to Walgreens to get a 20-pack of colored Sony CD-Rs for Amy.

I got bored and ventured back to CompUSA around 9:30am. One of their sales was “Three 30-packs of Memorex 52X CD-Rs for $7.95”. They looked cleaned out, but lo and behold, on the very bottom shelf, in the back, were twelve 30-packs. I split them with the guy who was looking next to me, and ended up with 180 blank CD-Rs for less than $18.

Other than that, just hanging out and doing pool maintenance today.

Anybody want to buy a car? Any reasonable offer accepted; our secondary vehicle is the truck now and the convertible is just taking up driveway space.

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