i can see clearly now

On Tuesday, after we finally got through finding a vehicle for Amy on Monday, I went to Dell’s web site and ordered the M992 19″ monitor, which was marked “Usually Ships Same Day”.

By Thursday, my order was still marked “Processing Order”. I called to inquire, and apparently they’d gotten my credit card expiration date wrong, and therefore it had been declined. I gave them the correct information, they put the order through right then, and it was back to “Processing”.

Late last night my order status changed to “It’s on its way” and “In Transit to Local Carrier”. While I was at home for lunch today, Airborne Express arrived with my new monitor. I quickly unhooked and moved the 17″ monitor I’d been using, unpacked and hooked up the new display, and ran SuperCal to tweak color and gamma settings.

The M992 isn’t a Trinitron, but is made by Samsung and has the best picture I’ve ever seen on a flat-screen non-Sony monitor. I should have gotten one of these two weeks ago, and never even messed around with alternatives. Amazing value for $243 (shipped).

Tonight I’m taking the Envision monitor (which I packed back up last night) back to Conns to get a refund on it.