monitor mayhem.

I’ve not had good luck with monitors lately.

Wednesday, I purchased a Sony 17″ LCD display from Conn’s on Anderson Lane here in Austin. Thursday night I noticed bad pixels and an uneven backlight on it. So, I packed it up and took it back Friday. Instead of another 17″ LCD, I got an Envision EN-985E 19″ CRT monitor.

Got the CRT home, and it had image bloom (where the size of the entire picture on screen changes if you switch from a mostly-dark to a mostly-light picture). I took it back and got a replacement. Got the replacement home, and it does the same thing.

I’m not going to take this back for yet another replacement, as all of their stock has the same manufacture date on the boxes. Instead, I’m going to take it back, get my money back, and go buy a Dell/Sony M992 Trinitron display that I know won’t have this problem.