lick a stamp

I found out today that my favorite place for packing and shipping stuff has apparently been sold and is under new management with new staff.

Drive-Thru Postal, on Burnet just south of Anderson, has been where I mail things (everything from bills to taxes to large computer equipment) since mid-1998. I’ve done so much business there that it wasn’t unusual to get discounts on shipping, or get boxes and packing materials free when I needed them.

Went in today to ship a rather large computer system to a friend in Plano, and found that the inside of the place has mostly been gutted of things like greeting cards, trinkets, etc. The normal copier was gone, replaced by a smaller one on a folding table. From talking to the guy behind the counter, the nice motherly older lady that ran the place for years no longer works there. I’m guessing she sold the business.

The new staff are rude, unhelpful, don’t speak english very well, and have no clue how to properly pack a computer system for shipping via UPS. I went ahead and shipped the system (because it needed to get out), but I won’t be going back there for any of my business. There’s no quicker way to lose a five-year customer than to piss them off.

I detest Mailboxes Etc (aka “The UPS Store”) because they overcharge and jack up rates, and no longer offer any carrier other than UPS (no FedEx, etc). Anybody have suggestions for packing/shipping/mailing that aren’t “go to the post office”? There’s a PakMail not far from here, but I’ve not had any experience using them.