face like a baby’s butt

Shaved off my goatee tonight, but kept the mustache. I’m going to let it grow back; it was just looking very scraggly and was growing unevenly.

4 thoughts on “face like a baby’s butt

  1. Beard care is a pain in the backside. I used to try to keep mine under control and neatly trimmed, but always ended up getting it uneven. You need *really* good light from both sides to get it right, something I don’t have in my bathroom.

    Eventually I just gave up and I now get a barber to give it a trim once a month before it gets *too* rampant and I start looking like a Mad Mountain Man.

  2. I’ve never understood people who said that beard care was difficult. I had a beard for twenty years and it was so much easier than shaving. I’d just take a weed-whacker to it every week or two and it was fine. What’s the big deal?

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